Vision & Mission

Napa Legal Institute (NLI) was launched in 2019 to provide corporate education and legal resources for religious nonprofits aligned with the Catholic faith.

The founders of NLI realized that, as the legal environment increases in complexity, spiritual entrepreneurs will need specific education and timely resources so they may exercise their religious liberty without fear of transgressing the law. This requires a better knowledge of taxes, corporate structures, and a tangle of local, state, and federal labor laws and regulations. 

Without this type of knowledge, religious nonprofits will be impeded in their ability to evangelize and provide the social services that are indispensable to civil society. NLI recognizes that the explicit religious identity of these organizations inspires them to provide such services.

Pillar 1:
Integrating Faith and Professional Life

EventsHost both public and private events to foster spiritual formation, fellowship, and community
Afford lawyers, accountants, and nonprofit professionals opportunities to use their skills for the benefit of religious nonprofits aligned with the Catholic faithCatholic Alignment
Work closely with partners and allies to ensure that every NLI activity, conference, and project is in alignment with the Catholic faith

Pillar 2:
education and publication

Online Library
White papers, issue briefs, and special projects

Webinars and Seminars
Interactive education and engagement

The Napa Ledger
NLI’s monthly newsletter

And God’s First
NLI’s blog

Pillar 3:
Partnerships and community

Maintain a presence at major
conferences, strategic events, and social functions

Partner with existing legal organizations, chapters, and societies across the country to identify and recruit talented professionals committed to advancing religious liberty and civil society
Operate an extensive network with the capacity to respond to a variety of needs related to corporate governance, tax compliance, employment issues,
and more