2022 Good Counselor Project Fellows

Chuk Obiechefu

Chuk is the CEO and Managing Attorney of the Obi Law Group. He launched his practice after working in the corporate world, with a commitment to supporting the small businesses, professionals, and families on Main Street, looking to build their own American Dream. Chuk was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, is a graduate of University of Georgia School of Law, and has lived and worked throughout the Southeastern U.S. He began his career in banking, real estate, and construction, working with large national companies and asset managers. During his time in the corporate world, he's gained valuable experience working in and advising companies and executives on complex business operations, transactions, and asset management matters.

Chuk has the firm belief that Main Streetnot Wall Street, is the heartbeat of America. He also believes that the promise of the American Dream depends on the businesses, professionals, workers, and families on Main Street having access to high caliber legal services, tailored to their unique needs. 

Chuk focuses his practice in business law, estate planning, and trademarks/intellectual property.

Content Contributions:

- Blog: Overview of Donor Advised Funds (coming soon)