Religious liberty must be proactive, not reactive.

Securing religious liberty is a proactive activity, as most legal battles are already won or lost outside the courtroom. We educate leaders on the steps they must take now in order to ensure their nonprofits can avoid litigation, compliance-focused attacks, and unforced errors in the public square.

Our Vision & Mission

Napa Legal is changing the game for faith-based nonprofits. By providing corporate, tax, philanthropic, and other strategic education, we equip nonprofits with the tools and resources they need so they can protect their organizations and achieve their missions.

Join us as we work towards a more vibrant and robust civil society, where people of faith can flourish.

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Our Story

Any faith-based organization’s religious freedom depends on its legal governance and compliance.

Failure to practice proper compliance can lead to heavy fines, ruinous lawsuits, loss of tax-exempt status, and more. Entrepreneur Tim Busch and attorney John Peiffer understood this through years of supporting faith-based nonprofits through philanthropy, volunteer work, and professional service. Tim and John also understood that while there are several religious organizations helping religious freedom win inside the courtroom, there did not yet exist an organization to support religious liberty outside the courtroom with an exclusive focus on nonprofit sophistication.

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