Nonprofit Boot Camp

It's time for excellence.

Interactive skills courses on how to start and effectively operate a faith-based nonprofit.

Starting and operating a faith-based nonprofit may seem like an overwhelming task. Napa Legal's Nonprofit Boot Camp walks you through the steps to both start a faith-based nonprofit organization and to operate in compliance with federal and state requirements. Each skills course below includes various types of interactive resources on the most essential topics to help your organization on the road to success so that you can achieve your mission.

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Getting Started 101:
Forming Your Organization
Getting Started 102:
Becoming Tax Exempt
Getting Started 103:
Fundraising & Charitable Registration
Getting Started 104:
Religious Identity & Religious Liberty
Operating Effectively 201:
Operating a Faith-Based Nonprofit
Operating Effectively 202:
Resources for Board Members
Operating Effectively 203:
Employment & Faith-Based Nonprofits
Operating Effectively 204:
Fundraising & Events
Operating Effectively 205:
Protecting Ideas and Intellectual Property
Operating Effectively 206:
Dealing with Conflicts of Interest
Operating Effectively 207:
State Taxes & Regulations
Operating Effectively 208:
Real Estate Basics

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