Bylaws: Context & Clarifications

This interactive resource walks you through every section typically included in a nonprofit’s bylaws, explaining what the section covers, why it matters, and how to craft language that will protect (not hinder) the mission of your organization.

Bylaws set the ground rules for how an organization will choose its leaders and make key decisions.

Developing bylaws can be one of the more overwhelming tasks a nonprofit leader faces, whether it’s writing them for the first time or making necessary amendments. Napa Legal’s resources will help make this complicated process painless. You will find answers to key questions such as what strategic considerations apply to each section, what language should be used, and how the standards in your bylaws become legally binding for your organization. In each module, you’ll find:

  • Description: An outline of what the section covers and why it matters;
  • Key Information: A summary of best practices and key concepts for the section;
  • Video: A quick overview of the information you’ll read in the module;
  • Case Study: A real-life example of how this aspect of bylaws affects an organization like yours;
  • Self-Assessment: A questionnaire to help you understand whether your organization’s bylaws effectively address the issue at hand;
  • Sample Language: Example language you can work with an attorney to customize for your organization’s needs.

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Quorum & Manner of Acting
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Election & Terms
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Records & Reports
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Statement of Faith
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Conflicts of Interest

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