Multi-State Compliance Matrix


What Faith-based nonprofits need to know about complying with state law.

An only-of-its kind matrix designed to help prevent lack of awareness or misunderstanding of state regulations from threatening faith-based organizations.

A typical organization is subject to state laws not only in the organization’s state of incorporation but in other states as well.

Different states have different rules; the actions your organization takes—from something as ordinary as featuring a donation button on your website to a special occasion like hosting an in-person event—could require one action in California and another in New Hampshire.

This can be confusing and intimidating. Most people are left wondering, “How is activity defined in each state, and what do I need to do as a result?”

To answer these questions and simplify the process, Napa Legal has created this only-of-its-kind state matrix to help. Whether you are a total newcomer to nonprofit law or an experienced lawyer doing research, this resource is for you.

Containing tax information, charitable registration statute details, and additional facts on local regulations, the multi-state matrix hosts all of the relevant information specifically for faith-based nonprofit activity. Understanding and acting on these rules and regulations is essential for any nonprofit’s operation; Napa Legal has made it possible to access all of this information in one place.

Through resources designed to help your organization succeed by operating with excellence and understanding the rules, our goal at Napa Legal is to empower your organization to be able to continue its mission.

We are invested in your success. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.


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