Operating Effectively 207: State Taxes & Regulations

What You'll Learn

State and local taxes may not be the first thing on the mind of a nonprofit leader, but it is an important concept to understand. State or local taxes on income, sales, purchases, and property may have a direct impact on the operation of a religious organization’s activities. By completing this skills course, you will be introduced to various state tax compliance issues, understand what obligations you may have, and learn about exemptions that may be available to your organization in the various states in which it operates. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to start applying for relevant tax exemptions and keep track of your organization’s potential tax liabilities.

Lesson 1

Charitable Registration and the Faith-Based Nonprofit

Most states regulate nonprofits’ fundraising activities through charitable solicitation registration requirements. Basically, this means that in order to fundraise in a state, you need to fill out an application and be approved to solicit or receive funds within that state. Some states have exemptions to these requirements. This toolkit walks your organization through the charitable registration process across the 50 states.

Lesson 2

Multi-State Compliance Matrix

Containing tax information, charitable registration statute details, and additional facts on local regulations, the multi-state matrix hosts all of the relevant information specifically for faith-based nonprofit activity. Understanding and acting on these rules and regulations is essential for any nonprofit’s operation; Napa Legal has made it possible to access all of this information in one place. Whether you are a total newcomer to nonprofit law or an experienced lawyer doing research, this resource is for you.

Lesson 3

Faith & Freedom Index

The Faith and Freedom Index scores state laws that affect faith-based, federally tax-exempt nonprofits. State scores are based on consistent benchmarks, and, therefore, the underlying state laws can be compared. The benchmarks measure each state’s “friendliness” to religious freedom and regulatory freedom for nonprofits. This Index is similar to popular surveys ranking states that are the most business-friendly, the best for retirement, or the best for raising a family.

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