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Account holders join our efforts to help faith-based nonprofits protect themselves amidst an increasingly complex legal environment and growing secular culture. Napa Legal's library of educational content is designed for this very purpose.

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Multi-State Compliance Matrix

The Multi-State Compliance Matrix is a database of state profiles that identifies key state regulations and religious exemptions for faith-based organizations. The only database of its kind specifically for faith-based nonprofits, the matrix is designed for both attorneys and lay persons to learn about and stay up-to-date with legal and policy developments throughout the US — a critical aspect of the compliance and success of an organization.

Use this Resource To:


Identify and understand state key requirements for faith-based nonprofits; feel confident that critical requirements haven't been overlooked.

Comply with Regulations.

Use the information, compiled specifically for faith-based organizations, to reduce your organization's legal vulnerability and audit your existing practices.

Inform strategic decisions.

Research the potential regulatory implications of  new activity your organization is considering; learn about registration requirements to help inform whether to move forward.

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Template Documents

Napa Legal Template Documents are designed specifically with faith-based nonprofits in mind. These documents provide example language to assist nonprofit leaders, working with their attorney, in developing their own corporate documents such as by-laws, articles of incorporation, employment handbooks, and more.

Use thEsE ResourceS To:

Help Build corporate documents.

Reference templates built specifically for faith-based nonprofits; feel confident that the documents you create with your attorney include the necessary provisions.

Audit current documents and practices.

Evaluate whether your organization's current documents and policies are legally sufficient and reflect the new religious liberty developments from recent Supreme Court decisions.

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Nonprofit Toolkits

The Napa Legal Nonprofit Toolkit identifies and explains, in plain English, the steps needed to establish a faith-based nonprofit, including legal creation and federal tax-exemption. The objective of the toolkit is to clearly articulate the path to successfully establishing a faith-based nonprofit, so that those who wish to fill a need in their community through a nonprofit program or entity are empowered to do so.

Use thEsE ResourceS To:


Understand what forming a faith-based nonprofit encompasses.


What are the next steps in establishing a faith-based nonprofit? What do I need to do and when? How and when do I work with an attorney?

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Issue-specific White Papers and Webinars

Napa Legal white papers and webinars discuss specific legal and financial matters that are essential to the protection and compliance of a faith-based nonprofit. These resources are designed to empower nonprofit leaders by identifying issues, translating technical language, and describing next steps and action items.

Use thEsE ResourceS To:


Problems are hard to solve when they go unidentified. Learn to identify the issues so they can be avoided or corrected and understand opportunities so they can be pursued.

REduce Legal vulnerabilities.

Most cases are won or lost outside of the courtroom. Take proactive measures to strengthen your organization internally from potential threats.

Inform Strategic decisions.

Foundational knowledge is essential to informed decision making; understand the landscape to better foresee potential consequences or benefits of decisions the organization makes.

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All Access Weekly

All Access Weekly is a weekly collection of policy and legal updates, new Napa Legal content, and compliance alerts delivered directly to your inbox. This resource is designed to help you stay informed of legal developments relevant to faith-based nonprofits and up-to-date on practical implications for your organization. All Access Weekly covers topics such as religious liberty cases, updates to state nonprofit laws and regulations, and changes in requirements for tax-exempt organizations.

Use thEsE ResourceS To:

Stay Informed.

New laws, policies, and Supreme Court decisions contribute to a rapidly evolving legal environment; stay apprised of the most recent developments.

Assess proactive measures.

Understanding trends and updates in the legal and policy landscape is essential to taking the proper proactive measures needed to protect your organization.

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