2023 Good Counselor Project Fellows

Philumina Johanni

Philumina Johanni is an attorney dedicated to safeguarding the nation’s founding principles of liberty and limited government. She grew up in a big Irish-Polish family in northern New York. Leaning on each other and their Catholic Faith, they survived real poverty and time in the foster system before Philumina went to college. While studying Philosophy at Ave Maria University, and minoring in History and Classical Languages, Philumina met her dashing husband, Ian. Together, they went to Ave Maria School of Law, where they survived a Cat 5 hurricane, welcomed two children, and held a combined total of eleven internships.

Giving all glory to God, Philumina now works as Counsel to the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. Prior to that, she was a Constitutional Law Fellow with the Pacific Legal Foundation, where she spent a year supporting separation of powers and civil rights litigation. Before graduating law school in fateful 2020, Philumina held internships with the Institute for Justice in Miami, the chambers of federal Judge Chelsey Vascura in the Southern District of Ohio, the Florida State Court of Appeals under Judge John Badalamenti, and the appellate divisions of two state and federal defenders offices. Philumina is barred in Washington state, and enjoys membership with the Federalist Society, America’s Future, and is an ADF Allied Attorney.