2024 Good Counselor Project Fellows

Kevin Stidham

Kevin Stidham is an attorney, entrepreneur, and software developer, who lives in Laguna Niguel, California with his lovely wife and two young children. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame’s Great Books program, Kevin moved on to earn a JD/MBA from Cornell Law School and Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Business, respectively. While at Cornell, Kevin became a Blackstone Fellow.  

Kevin’s professional interests range from data analytics to corporate law to software development, converging at a common point: legal technology. His pursuits in legal technology have led him to found his own legal technology company (Porphyry Technologies, Inc.) and pursue his third Ivy League professional degree, enrolling part-time in the University of Pennsylvania’s Master’s of Computer and Information and Technology (MCIT) program. He plans to graduate from MCIT in spring of 2025 and move toward becoming licensed to practice before the Patent Bar. In addition to these ventures, Kevin works with select clientele to offer legal and advisory services.