Leonard Leo

Chairman of CRC Advisors

Leonard Leo is Chairman of CRC Advisors and Chairman and Trustee of Marble Freedom Trust. CRC Advisors is a full-service public affairs firm that seeks to strengthen its clients by providing strategic guidance and bringing together the capabilities they need to win. As Chairman, Mr. Leo leads the firm and its focus on incubating new ventures for the conservative movement, connecting philanthropy to those ventures, and filling gaps in the capacities of existing conservative non-profits.  

Mr. Leo launched the Marble Freedom Trust in 2021 and shortly thereafter it was the recipient of a historic gift from a distinguished Chicago industrialist and philanthropist with a deep commitment to America’s exceptionalism and founding principles. The trust exists to engage in conservative philanthropy that focuses on the rule of law, free markets, and other ideals fostered by the U.S. Constitution.   

Leonard Leo serves as Co-Chairman of the Federalist Society and Chairman of the Teneo Network, two of the most successful talent pipelines in the conservative movement. He has assisted two presidential administrations on judicial selection as an outside advisor and participated in the Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett Supreme Court selection and confirmation process, as well as the outside coalition efforts in support of the Roberts and Alito U.S. Supreme Court confirmations.  

Mr. Leo was appointed by President George W. Bush to three terms as Chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. He was also a U.S. Delegate to the U.N. Council and U.N. Commission on Human Rights. He holds degrees from Cornell University and Cornell Law School. Leonard and his wife Sally reside in Maine and Northern Virginia. They have seven children and three grandchildren.