2022 Good Counselor Project Fellows

Frank DeVito

Frank DeVito serves as Counsel at Napa Legal. Prior to his position at Napa Legal, he served as the full-time solicitor for the Carbon County, PA Children & Youth Services Agency, and before that was an associate at the law firm of Lesavoy Butz & Seitz LLC. He has served on the Northampton County Election Commission, as well as the boards of directors for the Valley Against Sex Trafficking and the National Coalition of Clergy and Laity. His written work has been published in the Penn State Online Law Review, The American Conservative, The Federalist, First Things Online, The Public Discourse, and several other publications.

Frank and his family attend the traditional Latin Mass at Holy Ghost in Bethlehem, PA. His personal hobbies include reading spiritual theology, classic literature, history, and political philosophy, as well as studying and training various forms of strength and conditioning. He lives in eastern Pennsylvania with his wife and four children. To view some of Frank’s recent work, visit his author page at The American Conservative.

Content Contributions:

- Blog: Voting Requirements: Why They Matter