Operating Effectively 205: Protecting Ideas and Intellectual Property

What You'll Learn

This skills course will help you identify basic issues such as what work might require a trademark or copyright and what to do to protect ownership of a “work for hire.” This course will help you to understand what it means to own intellectual property and to know when your organization might need to consider such questions. Intellectual property is a specialized field of law and some areas of intellectual property compliance will likely require the assistance of an attorney. This course prepares you to work effectively with an attorney and recognize when legal counsel is needed.

Lesson 1

Trademark Basics

This blog covers trademark basics. Nonprofits, just like commercial corporations, have names, symbols and designs that identify the nonprofit as the source of a good or service.[1] These identifying words, phrases, logos, and designs are trademarks.

Lesson 2

What Nonprofits Need to Know About Works Made for Hire

Nonprofits often work with a variety of artists, thought leaders, and scholars when they create content, including graphic designers, animators, professors, authors, and even musicians. Outside experts can help to create strong curricula, sermons, blog posts, videos, or whatever other content an organization may need. But an important question should arise: who owns the material? This blog post walks your organization through the basics.

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